Good Life • Good Work • Good Pay • Good Community
is a space for employees and employers to productively share four key aspects: good life, good work, good pay, and good community.
- for Employees
  • Receive information relevant to the desires of the new generation - good life, good work, good pay, and good community.
  • Write and read credible reviews of various companies. Our reviews emphasize in sharing information rather than emotional opinions.
  • Get a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the company by listening to both sides - the employers and employees.
  • To verify the reviews to a reasonable level and ensure that the reviewers have worked at the company before, we cross-checked their work experiences on Super Resume.
- for Employers
  • An opportunity to PR the company's policies. Present factual information to interested jobseekers so that they can holistically understand the company from the employer's perspective.
  • Instead of having critical reviews appear in other media sources without seeing and responding to them, HR SAY allows a space for employees to postively share their experience rather than engage in defamation.
  • Opens an opportunity for HR to receive feedback from their own employees and use these ideas as a direction for organizational development.
  • YOU SAY rewards HR's good work by giving “YOU SAY - Flower of Hearts” to employers with reviews above market standards.
Encouragement for Companies
Above Standard
is an employer taking care of their employees above market standards in the four key aspects mentioned.
(good life, good work, good pay, good community)

Dream Company
Given to employers with reviews on YOU SAY indicating that they take care of their employees significantly above market standards in the four key aspects mentioned (good life, good work, good pay, good community).
We want to give encouragement to companies doing good work by using the symbol “YOU SAY - Flower of Hearts”.
1 YOU SAY Flower of hearts
2 YOU SAY Flower of hearts
3 YOU SAY Flower of hearts
Share Your Work Experiences
Contribute to the jobseeker community by reviewing your work experiences, whether it be your current company or your past experiences. Give your current and past employers ideas in how to develop their organization into a dream company.
If you are a employer
we prepared a platform for you to share information employees seek (good life, good work, good pay, and good community). Every company can productively present factual information about their organization in this space.